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Accessibility Considerations

Accessibility Considerations Audio

The survey will be made more accessible in a variety of ways.

The survey has been interpreted into American Sign Language. Deaf participants can either respond in written English or record video answers in American Sign Language.

The survey is available in Spanish and English, both in written and audio versions. Participants can respond in writing or upload audio answers in Spanish or English.

We limited the use of open-ended questions to one or two in each survey. Participants have the option of sharing their experiences in a more detailed open-ended question by selecting the optional “Your Story” section of the survey.

By entering in their email, participants will have the option of saving their progress to take breaks whenever they want. Emails will not be linked to respondents’ survey answers. We will not pass them on to other people or organizations.

The survey is housed on its own website that has been built to ensure the greatest amount of accessibility and data security.